What is a TweetTeam?

A TweetTeam — like a social media street team — is an authentic, innovative concept by Hay There Social Media that puts real social media users at your event and in your virtual audience. They spread the word as themselves to their social networks about your business.

Who is on a TweetTeam?

A TweetTeam is made up of stellar social media users who are pivotal to getting the word out. We know they are stellar because each team member goes through an application and a thorough review process. They must meet certain social media criteria, go through a training session and are personally reviewed before they are eligible to work with companies on TweetTeam projects. Team members are assigned based on a project's target audience; they are real people who are local to your area (since they must be able to experience your product/business to spread the word authentically).

What types of businesses are a good fit for TweetTeam projects?

The sky is the limit for the types of businesses that can benefit from using TweetTeam.com to activate the right people to get the word out using social media. TweetTeam.com is perfect for restaurants, retail businesses of any size, small mom and pop shops with a single brick and mortar location to larger chains with multiple locations; service providers from daycare, to doctor's offices to dance studios; at major events from outdoor festivals, entertainment tours, tradeshows and more.

When should my business use a TweetTeam?

TweetTeam.com serves businesses with a physical location, product, or on-site presence that wants to stir up targeted buzz before, during and after via social media. Companies that want be sure their next event, tradeshow, sale, new offering, product launch or grand opening is a success can have online influencers experience their products and get the word out using social media on-demand.

Who should use TweetTeam.com to hire a team?

Small business owners, PR firms, marketing teams, agencies, or any designated individual representing a brand or initiative of any size.

The site is called TweetTeam.com; can I have online influencers help spread the word about my business using something other than Twitter?

Yes! There are a number of social media campaigns you can use TweetTeam.com to launch and we'll help you sort through the options. The goal of TweetTeam.com is to help you determine the best method and make it as quick and easy as possible to activate real social media buzz anytime you need it.

Besides a focus on Twitter, here are a few options:

Blogger campaigns — Depending on your project goals, use TweetTeam.com to launch a targeted blogger campaign that can help your product really rock with the right audience.

Depending on the product or service you are trying to generate buzz for, you might be best to have TweetTeam members focus on Instagram or Pinterest to get the word out about your brand for example.

Get started today and find out how your business can launch a winning TweetTeam effort at your next event.

How much does it cost to use TweetTeam.com?

It's totally free for our applicants and accepted team members. Businesses that want to hire TweetTeam members to stir up buzz will receive a range of pricing depending on the type of campaign. Some factors that impact the price for social media campaigns implemented by TweetTeam.com include project details, duration, # of team members and complexity. TweetTeam members will only accept projects based on the amount they'd like to earn. Your business will also pay a small service fee per project. We are committed to making our pricing model rock.

I'm really active on social media; how can I start making money doing projects through TweetTeam.com?

In order to start, first be sure you've completed the "Join a Team!" form - it's free to complete. We're currently looking for TweetTeam members in various cities. Please note, TweetTeam projects are launched according to the specific needs of the geography, and completing our form does not guarantee acceptance. While we have active projects underway, the review process can take a range of time so please stay tuned.

How do I know if TweetTeam.com serves the city my business/event is located in?

We are glad you are excited about TweetTeam.com and we can't wait to get TweetTeam members on the ground in your city. As soon as you complete the "Hire a Team!" form, we will be in touch with you to let you know if we're currently rocking in your town. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter via @haythereSM and connect with us on Facebook, Hay There Social Media.

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